Shoe Box Campaign Flyer

Presently seeking contributions for our
Shoe Box Campaign!

Shoe boxes filled with your generous gifts to be given to our children in the community of Makeni, Sierra Leone.

Our suggestion would be:
pencils, tooth brushes, tooth paste, shampoo/conditioner, candy (no chocolate – because
of the heat), costume jewelry (for the girls)

…used clothing accepted as well.

For more info contact:

Light Of Love Foundation
(Delaware File Number  4610199)
P. O. Box 108
Uniontown, PA 15401


7 Responses to “Shoe Box Campaign”

  1. gloria r jones Says:

    Yeah!!!! Suzanne I can never go to sleep without looking at this page, thank you !!!!!

  2. Wow, Gloria, it’s so exciting to see this project take shape — I’ll crosspost the good news to my Facebook page right away! Lots of love always from N* and n*

  3. Susu Says:

    Great to see the new websites. Good luck with all you are doing & let us know if we can help in any way ♥

  4. gloria r jones Says:

    Hello Susu,

    Please review our recent campaign regarding supplies that will help the children….

  5. khumba Says:

    I get so excited when I look at the work of “zipdrumboogie” and the help given to our campaign. We are blessed and thank you once again, the pages are great and expresses our love for all of you who are concerned.

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