Light of Love Foundation presented documentarian and co-founder of The Finaza Foundation, Adisa Septuri, with board games for the West African children of the mines who suffer in the cruel world of  “blood diamonds.” After a meeting in New York this Spring with Adbulai Fofanah, Anthony Morin (President – Light Of Love Foundation) and Monte McEvilley (Film School Director – The Marc Bolan School of Music & Film), Gloria Jones flew to Sierra Leone, West Africa to give Adisa the donations for the children.

For further info on the children of the mines & those seeking to help change their lives, 
click this news link.


Monte, Gloria & Tony

Monte, Abdulai & Tony

Monte, Abdulai, Abbas & Tony

Monte, Abdulai, Gloria, Tony & Abbas

...with a frog in her hand

Photos by Chris Mitchell


2 Responses to “Children of the Mines”

  1. I’m so excited to see everything on this site — can’t wait to crosspost the wonderful news to my Facebook page! All our love, N* and n*

    • gloria r jones Says:

      Thank you family you are the best keep in touch send a picture so that we may put on our photo gallery page (Marc’s school ) Love Ya N and n

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