Light of Love Foundation is helping to change the lives of children in West Africa with projects such as the building of the Marc Bolan School of Music & Film as well as other ongoing projects you can read about here!

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5 Responses to “About”

  1. I am a gifted and talented creator. I paint and do fashion and pottery. I would love to share my expertise with the younger folk. Let me know if you need an extra pair of hands in your foundation!

    I reside in England but would travel anywhere to spread love in the arts- so others can enjoy who they are and just create!!

  2. Jed Dmochowski Says:

    Hi again Marilyn, we have just sent over some more instruments and the project is entering its next phase where we will shortly be buying some land and building; please keep us informed if you are still interested in participating and as the project develops we will keep in touch and move on from there. My email is

    all the best,

    jed dmochowski

  3. chief Justice Says:

    wow that good I want to spread love to kid, and help them with a bright future. I stay in the city where the construction of the school is going on,Makeni

    • Jed Dmochowski Says:

      Dear Cheif Justice,

      Thank you very much indeed for your supportive comment. [😊] We have been working hard to give the children of the Bombali District, and Makeni in particulr, a place to learn and grow into happy and talented human beings. Pls go to to see the design of the school, our videos and more about our mission statement.

      Also, please tell us more about yourself; perhaps you would like to help us achieve this vision for your beautiful country.

      Wishing you well,

      Jed Dmochowski


      The Light of Love Foundation UK exclusively for The Marc Bolan School of Muisc and Film Sierra leone


      The Marc Bolan School of Music – Home
      Welcome to the Marc Bolan School of Music! The Light Of Love Foundation UK, wants, as Marc Bolan did, to inspire children, to give them the chance to learn to play …


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